Despite the 10th October 2013 award of the chieftains hip of Zweledinga to Sabelo Katsi the hand-over is yet to be realised, this after one full year.  The Ngxongo chief, Siviwe Hebe, is still ensconced in the seat and shows no sign or intention to leave the position.

Sabelo Katsi was awarded the chieftains hip by Premier Kiewiet after a marathon battle with various government dispensations in the Eastern Cape.  A Ngxongo were appointed by former Ciskei ruler Lennox Sebe in 1983.  Various commissions and court rulings had found that Hebe was fraudulently awarded the the chieftains hip by Sea who was his brother in law.  The Mndende Commission recommended to Kiewiet to uphold Katsi’s claim to the chieftainship primarily on the basis that the land originally belonged to the Tshatshu chief, Bawana and that Katsi was a descendant of Bawana.

It would seem that Hebe has taken the matter to court on review but the Katsi group at Zweledinga does not divulge the matter to the rest of the Tshatshu clan and what progress is being made. This leaves room for speculation as to what the matter of dispute is. The most likely dispute raised by Hebe could be that Sabelo Katsi is not borne of neither the Tshatshu senior house nor the Vezi senior house.  The original Katsi is of the fifth house, ixhiba,  of Vezi,  who was the son of Cungwa,  the right-hand house of Tshatshu.  It would also seem that Sabelo Katsi and those around him are incapable of dislodging Hebe from the position and this is in fact the fourth time that Katsi is officially awarded the chieftainship but cannot dislodge Hebe.


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