The land belongs to its rightful owners

The land of amaTshatshu is once more under threat of being usurped and thus leaving the clan destitute and landless.  While the African National Congress has ” the land belongs to all who live in it” as policy, amaTshatshu have yet to regain the land that their forefathers died for.  The current government has hardly developed the legislation to return the land to its rightful owners.  In the meantime another spectre has entered the fray, the EFF talks of land redistribution.  What this means is that Malema’s government, if they went into power, will take the Tshathsu land and distribute to anyone who they please. 

The land belongs to amaTshatshu and cannot be distributed to all and sundry and it also cannot belong to all who live on it!  This is something amaTshatshu fought and died for over the years!


4 thoughts on “The land belongs to its rightful owners

  1. i would lyk to know is that when will amatshatshu be given their land so that we can move foward so that we can educate our children about tshatshu royality so that it will never be fogotten we loose lost of bloodline on that war naw we need to fill those gaps EFF malema is very stuped boy we must be treaten by him becouse the will take over this country. ANC will rule S.A untile jesus come back mybothers lets continue with our legacy we establish the kindom of phalo(amaxhosa) that was the dream our forefthers naw the bloodline have rise again we will take it from here ……..

  2. is it possible for you to show other branches from the lineage of Tshatshu other than the great house so that we can be able to position ourselves in the family tree.

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