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This is one of a few sites that matters of amaTshatshu are discussed. Please be free to make any comments and post articles, announcements, questions to amaTshatshu.

The latest project is to collate lineages of all amaTshatshu. We will start with a few that are known to us but please be so kind as to send us your lineages. The following are surnames that we would like to get as much information on: Sirhalarhala, Loleka, Dwaza, Lolwane, Jarha, Botomane, Xaki, Tshunungwa and any others that can submit anything. We are a big family and it is only proper that our history be well documented.



63 thoughts on “Your comments to Tshatshu

  1. I m Tshatshu in North west province Rustenburg i want to know where my grandfather comes from , because my late father told me that his father was from Cofimvaba . He left Cofimvaba while his elder brother was two years old , it was somewhere in 1921, im interested in knowing my desendence , my late father was born in the vaal area and he migrated to Rustenburg in the late sixties he was not interested about where his father comes. We are the only family and very few in Sebokeng of which they are also not interested . Atleast if somebody can know his roots such as the siblings of my grandfather and all that blood lineage the village is somewhere in Cofimvaba.

    1. Dear Velile

      There are indeed a lot of amaTshatshu in the area around Cofimvaba. AmaTshatshu are mainly in the Lady Frere, Queenstown, Whitttlesea, Engcobo and Tsolo areas, so it does make sense that your granfather originated from that area. Please send me the details of your grand father such as name, surname, and the village he came from, if possible.

  2. My brother we are sharing the same pain of seeking our roots. I am Tshatshu at Engcobo. The history says: this family is coming from Queenstown, they were chased away from that land by the boers who then built the so called Queenstown. They were then scattered in the above mentioned areas including Umtata, Qitsi-Nomadambe-Cofimvaba,
    the following are the surnames that i know: Gungubele, Baqa, Loleka, Sirhalarhala, Mapasa, Dwaza.

    1. Dear Lwazi

      Yes, indeed amaTshatshu hail from Queenstown. The great Bawana and his son Maphasa ruled the whole area from Jamestown down to Seymour and from the Klaas Smit River and the Black Kei River s in the west to the Indwe River. In fact, there was atime that Maphasa’s kingdom was much greater and more powerful than that of Ngubengcuka, the King of anaThembu at the time. That is why Nonesi and and her son Mtikrakra sought refuge from Maphasa at the time that the Bhaca chief Madzikane was threatening to annihilate abaThembu. At the time, the majority of abaThembu left and were under the protection of Chief Maphasa in Queenstown.

      The name Maphasa is a common feature in the history of Queenstown, viz., the male ward at the Frontier Hospital was named after Chief Maphasa, the farms Mapssa’s Kraal, Mpassa Leven, Mapassa 1, Mapassa’s Poort, Mapassa1, 2 and 3 are evidence of the greatness of this son of Bawana. You need to get yourself a book published in 2006 titled “AmaTsatshu: the Thembus of Western Thembuland” by Velile Aubrey Somana.

      Hope to hear from you soon.


  3. The Nhlapo Commission Report has been released. The RSA government has accepted its findings and recommendations. The claim for the land of AmaTshatshu that was submitted by Aubrey Velile Somana gathered dust in the shelf of the Commission for the Restitution of Land Rights. When the commission work and investigations were devolved to provinces I resubmitted the claim to commission’s offices in East London. Even that resubmission has gathered dust in the coastal town as no tangible response was ever received by AmaTshatshu.

    There are few things that AmaTshatshu should take note of, namely:
    1. The Western Tembuland is the land of AmaTshatshu.
    2. This land was taken from the Bushmans (AbaThwa) or rather people of the Khoi and San origin by spear, cattle and negotiation.
    3. The AmaHlubi (derogatory known as Mfengus) came later and with the help of the colonisers they got their piece in the Hewu area.
    4. The AmaGcina, AmaNdungwana and AmaQwathi tribes were allocated some portions by AmaTshatshu (Chief Bawana and Maphasa) around Lessyton, Dordrecht, Lady Frere and Cala.
    5. AmaTshatshu occupied areas around Carthcart, Katberg, Queenstown, Whittlesea, Tarkastad…up to Molteno, Burgersdorp and Jamestown.
    6. During the hostilities of Madzikane, Nonesi, together with her son Mthikrakra, fled Thembuland (Tsolo, Umthatha, Mqanduli, Ngcobo, and Cofimvaba) to Western Thembuland to seek asylum with Maphasa.
    7. Maphasa accomodated them in the present day Ezibeleni and Gqebenya. When things returned to normal they went back home.
    8. AmaTshatshu must now wake up from their deep sleep and claim back what is theirs, their forefathers’ land, the Western Thembuland.
    9. They are socond to none but the Hala Great House under Dalindyebo.
    10. Mawose is the Right Hand House of Dlomo and therefore AmaTshatshu qualify for the Principal Chieftainship.

    Forward gallant warriors of the Thembu Nation. Akukho nkwali iphandel’enye, ephandel’enye yenethole.

  4. Hellow world I’m from the Eastern cape,Whittlesea in a small township called edongwe which is 30 minuts walk to eSada, we first lived at Ecimezile(Hewu). my clan name is Dlamini. The thing is, I’m confused wherther am Xhosa or mfengu…who I am?

    1. MaTshatshu mandithath’elithuba ndinibulele ngokusihlinzela umnombo wethu khonukuze imvelaphi nobukumkani bethu bungasingelwa phantsi ziinkosi esihlalanazo kodwa zasikelwa kwasithi kulemihlaba zilawla kuyo.Ndibamba ngazibini booMawose

  5. I m Tshatshu in Queenstown Eastern Cape Province. I want to know where my great grandfather comes from, I want to know more about my rootsn. The information currently have, they are from Cala town not sure about the village. Some are saying they are from Manzimahle kwaTofile and some says Nyalasa . Please assist I desperately need the information.

  6. Nam ndihleli kobobumnyama coz ndibangabuza kwadala uba ngaba sisukaphy kanye-kanye, abanye bati QUEENSTOWN ,banye Bati e-KING WILLIAM’STOWN ….Ndiye ndithande ubhideka ,kubuhlungu nyhani ungazazi ingcambu zakho….

  7. Mholweni Madlomo

    I would like to know how many sons did Mapasa have, deducing from this literature Gungubele is the first born son. I know Gungubele to be a surname to many. My obvious guess is that other surnames are brothers of Gungubele, which include; Dwaza, Ciko, Loleka, Baqa, Sirhalarhala etc. I am aware this guess might be incorrect since I can deduce some are calling Mapasa as a surname. This I suspect it is due to elder’s liberty in a house within a region in choosing who they want to call as surname, provided their knowledge depth to the clan decedents. I know this; Dwaza begat kositile, who begat, Masumpa, who begat five sons which are; Mntunaye, Ndaweni, Zwelakhe, Lolose and Piyose. I descend from the house of Lolose, and my brother Lunga descend from the house of Ndaweni. we are both at Ngcobo district and I share his pain of seeking to know more cornering our roots. My main quest is seeking to connect Dwaza to the line of descendants starting from Mapasa proceeding to me. I am clear of the starting from Mapasa to Dlomo. Thank you.

  8. Ah! Jongulundi!

    My problem with Nomusa is one, I am having a problem tracing where Dwaza fit in the time line of the descents of amaTshatshu. Gungubela who is the seveth chief in the line of Chiefs descendants from Mawuse is a surname to many. now my obvious guess is that Dwaza, Ciko, Sirhalarhala, loleka, Baqa e.t.c., may be brothers of Gungubele but I may be incorrect because I can see other are calling Maphasa who is the father to Gungubele. This I guess it due to regional houses liberty in choosing from the line of descendants whom they want to call as surname provided their dept of knowledge in the history of genealogy. Dwaza’s family is as follows, he begot Kostile who in turn begot Masumpa, who begat five sons viz: Mntunaye, Ndaweni, Zwelakhe, Lolose and Piyose. Lunga who commented above we are from the same village in Ngcobo and he is a descendant of Ndaweni and I am of Lolose. I would appreciate insight on this subject matter.


    1. We still need to investigate the Dwaza lineage. However, Sirhalarhala those that use the surname of Gungubele are direct descendants of that chief. In the meantime, Chief Jongisizwe Mapasa, who is also a direct descendant uses the surname Mapasa!

      The reason for this is that the clan name, isiduko, is of paramount importance to the Thembu people in that people were known by their first names and then their isiduko. The concept of a surname is foreign and new to our people. They were forced to adopt surnames in the early 1900’s when they found themselves forced to deal with the white man’s beaurocracy. When they asked what a surname was they were told “it ios the name of your father”. Meaning traditionally there is nothing like a surname!!

  9. My late father and his brother told me that we are from Lady Frere and they moved to eSada with their parents.. Ciko is our great great grand father who had a son Mlahleni , then Mlahleni had a son Magele then Magele had a son David who was my grand father.

  10. My name is Vuyiswa Ndhleleni my maiden name is Magele my father was born was Mpumelelo Magele he was from Queenstow in a village called Bangindlala his dad was Enoch amd his wife Nohombile the are all late. I want to know about my granfathers background nd about his siblings and so forth.

  11. I am from Colesburg and would like to know about Gayiya (my surname) in the clan. My grandfather Kholisile was born in Lady frere emachubeni or emachibini around 1910.

  12. Lomelele Fana:

    A meeting that will be well published even in the media is urgent, maybe they are called but not well announced.
    AmaTshatshu are all over the country, to assist those who still want to know their roots these meetings must convened by the office of the Royal House.Aah! Jongulundi

  13. I’m also Tshatshu by clan my Father says his parents were original coming from Cofimvaba and they migrated to Cala; my family last name is Fata, but there are also Faku’s too in the family. My grandpa left while his children were still young, my father doesn’t know his Father; and what is sad is that my father didn’t raise me and he is not living with me now.

  14. Nam ndinguTshatshu eCofimvaba. We really have a very rich history and its about time to do something about it. Mna ndifuna oMzotana abaseLady Frere or Cala. UMzotana ngukhokho wethu owabhubhela kwelacala. Ngoku sifuna ukwazi banzi ngaye.

    1. I am compiling a family tree for all the houses of Tshatshu and this should be published by easter 2014. I am of the view that you will be able to glean your family tree from there.

  15. but where does Amamfene fit inn in this Tembus Chieftaincy because we as Amamfene has been a great help to Abatembu and how come the Tembus do not recognise Amamfene madoda

  16. Hi I’m Marno Richards in kokstad my father is Boi Boi(mbuyiselo sirhalarhal) his in cape town I’ve never seen him in my life but they say ungu tshathsu ecovimvaba or ngcobo, I’ve never seen him and I’m married and have a bby cuming nd I dnt know iziduko zase khaya.

  17. Matshatshu nam ndiyabulela kuni nonke ngeligalelo,kudala ndifuna ukwazi ukuba yintoni esidibanisa nobukhosi.Ndizalelwe eNoupoort.uTatomkhulu wathi umnombo wethu thina maTshatshu akwa Fata e Noupoort sisuka eLithuthu(Sterkstroom)Ndiyayiva imbali ngo Hala,Mapasa no Mahose,kodwa andiva kuthethwa ngoTubane or Tubhane.Yintoni edibanisa uTubhane or uTubane noTshatshu?Phambili Matshatshu mawubuye owethu

    1. Hello Mandla ndinomdla wokwazi ngexhego lakho bhuti wam, nam ndinguTshatshu wakwa Fata nge fani, ikhona nefani yakwa Gqibinto apha efamailini yam. Mandixolise ndiphazamile pha phezulu imvelaphi ise Lady Frere, tamkhulu wam yayingu Manduse ngegama; ndinomdla wokwazi.

  18. hi
    Ndingu tshatshu eQitsi ,cofimvaba, ifani engu Bottomani. into endirhalela uyazi kukuba ndazi ukuba u Botomani uzalwa ngubani ezalwa nabani

  19. Igama lam ndingu Vuyiswa ndizalwa kwaTshatshu utata ngu Mpumelelo uvela e Lady Frere kwilali yaku bangindlala ndicela nje undincede ngezithutho zamaTshatshu.

  20. Mna ndingu Yiweni ifani yam, nguMaTshatshu (sebenzisa sona kuba ndikhulele kulo mama sesika mama) isiduko kumhlaba waseKatikati (Cathcart) uTatomkhulu wam yayinguSinyophana Nelson Yiweni, waye zalwa ngu Khokho Zamkana uTshatshu. Andiqondi babe zalwa bodwa ukhokho uZamkana no tato mkhulu uSinyophana. Umntu onolwazi olunokusondela kolu ndinalo masidibanise ulwazi sozifumana umnombo ocacileyo.

    1. Manintsi amaTshatshu e Cathcart. Work lamhlaba ukuyomisa e Seymour ngumhlaba wama Tshatshu. I will send you an email. Mawose!

  21. I was given the booklet “Amatshatshu” a preliminarry study of the history of the Thembus of Western Thembuland, by newly found family after a quest of trying to know my roots. Nobody seemed to care about our origin up uintil now when I am left alone and there’s no one to ask. Thanks for the information. I will pursue cross referencing with some other sources before making conclusions. Its very interesting I must say, to realise such injustice having taken place to the poor people in the former Transkei and nothing is being done after 20 years of democracy.

    1. Sizable, the second edition of “AmaTshatshu: The bus of Western Thembuland” will be available in the next two weeks.

  22. my name is Siyabonga Jezile the son of Zithobile jezile the son of Down the son of Dolophini and Nomgonyamelo (the Dlomo princess) from engquqa of chief Manyaka. dolophini the son of Jezile, I want to know my roots up to gcina .

  23. Ndi Mtshatshu,
    Ndiku mhlaba wase Cala kwilali yase Nyalasa,phofu ke umnombo wethu uku mhlaba wase Cofimvaba ku Nomadambe.kulapho kukho khona Faku,Sirhalarha,Maphasa,loleka ,Mpaku,Mandzezulu kunye no Tshukuse.

  24. molweni bahlali nguNwabisa Manona siduko nguManala ndisebenzisa esikamamam,am looking for my dad kuthwa he’s name ngu Thembisile Tshatshu /Mtshatshu isiduko sakhe ngumthembu kuthwa ngowelicala lase King Williams town (eqonce) mna ndingowase peddie bt ngk ndifunda egrahamstown onolwazi ndiyacela andazise

  25. My name is Vuyiswa Magele and I am from Sebokeng in Gauteng, my late grandfather moved to Gauteng and never went back to the Cape. My father and his siblings were all born in Gauteng and none of them really know where my grandfather was from. His name was Mbutani Edmond Magele and anyone who knows anything about where he might come from please let me know and also my late great grandmother’s name was Sina Magele also known as uMamTshawe she also came to live in Gauteng. I would really love to know all about my family history, and I feel that this blog is great..

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